In A Huff Daddy

Britney had hers hacked by some crude pranksters.; Phil Spector had his fiddled with while banged up, and now P-Diddy has fallen foul of Twitter hoaxsters.

According to Contactmusic fans and followers of the American rapper and shopping channel regular, were bemused yesterday when a Tweet from popped up Diddy that read:

‘Go cop your new phone from Verizon Wireless... in Tribeca.’

Puff, was quick to respond to the bogus tweet with his own message: ‘don't go cop no new phone from nowhere in Tribeca... Someone tried to break into my Twitter. lol (sic).’

Hang on! How do we know the second message was from Puff? Last one to Tribeca is a rotten egg *buys plane ticket to New York*.

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