Imogen cleared over blackmail

Ryan Giggs has dramatically withdrawn the claim that Imogen Thomas was blackmailing him, prompting the Big Brother star to say that she had been "vindicated".

Giggs had been granted an injunction against Imogen partly due to claims that she was blackmailing him. However their extra-marital affair became public knowledge after leaks on Twitter and other social networking sites.

In a High Court hearing, Imogen's lawyers read a statement to clarify the situation.

"...the allegation of blackmail was widely and prominently reported by the media as if it were established fact.

"This was not correct. It has been extremely damaging and distressing to Ms Thomas. The Sun has now made it clear that Ms Thomas was not responsible for the article of April 14.

"CTB [Ryan Giggs] accepts this and also accepts that Ms Thomas did not wish any private information to be published. She had, in fact, retained Max Clifford to try to prevent a story from coming out."

He continued: "Ms Thomas denies that she asked CTB for money and says that he offered to assist her in the flat purchase. Whatever the difference in recollection between the parties, CTB now accepts that such discussions were not linked to any threat to disclose information to the media.

"In these circumstances, CTB accepts that there is no basis to accuse Ms Thomas of blackmail. He also accepts that her conduct in the period leading up to the publication of The Sun article was motivated by a desire to avoid the publication of private information."

After the hearing, Imogen was pictured out celebrating with champagne in Harrods.

In a statement after the hearing she said: "I'm just relieved that the parties and the court now accept that I'm no blackmailer. I have been vindicated and that's all I wanted.

"I have nothing to add - it's all behind me now."

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