Imo off to the jungle

The saucepot of the superinjunctions, Imogen Thomas, has had an offer that she might not be able to refuse from ITV, hoping that she'll join other D-listers in the jungle for 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here'. TV bosses are crossing their fingers that Imogen will chat freely about her footballer ex-amour, as, due to the fact that the show is filmed in Australia, the show won't be covered by the rules of the injunction. However, TV editors will have to get busy bleeping out any naughty references before the show is aired.

Imogen's spokesman Max Clifford told The Sun, 'It would be interesting to see what comes out in the jungle.' Ooh, that there's fighting talk...

Thomas expressed excitement at boosting her career with a jungle stint, 'I'd love to go in. I'd wear a bikini every day and make sure I took sexy showers like Myleene Klass did. That's all she did - and it worked!' However, the super-injunction superstar (irony alert) has made it clear she won't eat bugs, 'There's no way I'd eat spiders so I'd make everyone starve for days. If I had to go in a box full of rats, then I'd do it, but I couldn't eat eyeballs.'

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