I'm worth more than £6m

Jonathan Ross is about to resurrect his career once more (he must be onto his third comeback by now), presenting a chat show for ITV. This means another round of debate about his salary, his naughtiness with Russell Brand, and relationship with the BBC. Speaking to Five Live's Richard Bacon, Ross was on feisty form.

Hitting back at those of thought the presenter was greedy for taking home a ginormous pay-packet, Ross said, 'No. I tell you why I don't, because the market value was that I would have got several million more for doing the same volume of work, if not less, outside of the BBC. Sure I was being paid a load of money and it must seem like an incredible amount to someone who is in a regular job, but at the same time I am not in a regular job I am in show-business and I was at the top of my game.'

The controversial presenter also addressed the rumours that he was forced to leave, saying, 'Partly I left and partly I was asked to leave, really. I always said I wouldn't sign another big contract with them because when the money became such a big story in the newspapers, I didn't enjoy that, I didn't enjoy being under scrutiny in that way, I didn't think it was particularly fair as well because I turned down a much bigger offer to go outside the BBC to stay there.'

Rossy, it's great to have you back...

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