'I'm watching you, Big Brother'

The lack of a live feed for this year's Big Brother has been a pain for most of the fans of the show. However, they might express their annoyance with a 'gosh darn it' before rolling their eyes, or maybe in an animated chat in the staff kitchen. Unfortunately, some people have taken it just a bit too far.

Channel 4 chief executive Andy Duncan received an email from some nutjob which read: 'bring back the live feed or I'll kill your daughter'. Frankly it's hard to find a humorous angle to that.

'Everyone is very spooked by the email,' said a source. 'It was a horrible thing to send. We're hoping the reference to killing a 'daughter' was just added for dramatic effect.

'Andy Duncan does have daughters so it's horrendous to think whoever sent it might know this.'

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