I'm the best mum ever

X Factor vice girl Chloe Mafia has taken a derisory snort at the tabloids, who have labelled her a ‘hooker’ and made her out to be a ravenous cocaine addict, by saying that she is the best mum ever to her daughter Destiny.

Mafia, who had been one of the big hits of this year’s X Factor before being booted off at the weekend, denied that she was a prostitute and claimed that the clip of her allegedly snorting cocaine was a ‘set up by a so-called friend who got me to do it’.

‘I'm the best mum ever,’ she said yesterday. ‘I make sure she eats five fruit and veg every day, sometimes more. My daughter is the most best(sic)-looked after person in the world.

‘People have been saying I might lose my daughter and obviously I'm concerned. Social services have probably seen the stories and will want to come around. They can come over whenever they want, they can test me for drugs. I will never tell you I'm a prossie, not even for a million pounds, because I'm not.’

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