I'm the best! Me me ME

Of all the terrible things reality TV has forced down our throats over the past decade, Britain’s Got Talent has to be one of the most retrograde things ever to be broadcast, made simply because it costs utter peanuts to stage and film, and relies on nothing more than an already sedentary audience for its ratings (and hence advertising revenue). Worse than all of that though, is it provides Piers Morgan with screen time, spent mostly insulting the poor buggers who do the show genuinely searching for a bit of fame, or just for the laugh of being telly for a little while.

Just check out his latest bit of bluster, all in the vain attempt of dragging more viewers away from having a bit of actual fun on the weekend. Yes Piers, we’re sure you’re better than all the acts on the show, even if you have no actual talent for performing yourself.

‘If I had my way I'd be up after every act showing them how to really do it,’ he blustered. ‘Simon won't let me though. He puts me in shackles to stop me storming the stage. I still think I'm more talented than some of the contestants I see on stage. I think I could have a go at most of the acts because I've got the front to do so. I'm not remotely scared of the stage or performing.’

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