'I'm not mad, I just wanted a chat'

Obviously, all actors *are* the characters that they inhabit, so you can imagine our glee when we read that January Jones sees a therapist - just like Betty in Mad Men! So obviously, it's a mere hop and a skip to her marrying Jon Hamm and setting up home in the suburbs.

January told Allure magazine, 'I was travelling so much, and I just needed to make sure I was grounded and had someone to talk to. 'She [the therapist] talked more than I did, which was hilarious and great fun. I really like [my therapist]. It was like having a girlfriend. But I'm not going to give her $300 an hour to have the same conversation I could have with my girlfriend.'

Jones also discussed the perils of dating another showbiz type saying, 'When you date someone else who's in the industry, someone has to make the sacrifices. And if no one's willing to, then you just have to be friends.' Hmm, she sounds suspiciously sane, perhaps not a Betty-alike after all. Disappointing...

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