'I'm no Manford'

Countryfile's Matt baker is due to step into Jason Manford's controversial shoes today as presenter of The One Show. But the clean cut telly presenter has vowed to steer clear of controversy, or big-bosomed fame hunters, by refusing to sign up for Twitter. If you know your One Show gossip, you'll remember that Jason Manford lost his job after sending some saucy texts to ladies who definitely weren't his wife...

Jason told The Sun, 'Blue Peter is a great training ground. I'm not out to cause controversy or offend anyone. It's not me. The BBC hasn't sat me down and had that chat with me. I've known them for ages. They know what I'm like. And I'm not trying to slip into Jason's shoes. I'll do it my way.'

Matt had his own bout of sauciness to contend with, after being spotted drinking at 5am with his Strictly dance partner. But he had a good explanation for the boozing, 'Aliona and I have been through an enormous amount and we're friends. My wife has been on tour with me with the family and we've all been touring Britain. Aliona is good friends with my wife.' Okay Matt, we'll let you off, just this once.

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