'I'm like a solder, of sorts'

Katy Perry has been on the road for a couple of months now, zooming across continents like a glamarous, spangly Greyhound bus, but it appears that like on tour, away from Russell Brand has taken its toll. The star has made a behind the scenes documentary where she talks about the pain of being a stadium star.

Speaking in an 'exclusive' documentary, Katy said, 'The road starts to, like envelop your body and makes you look kind of like a soldier of sorts. I just crossed the Atlantic in like, three days. There are times when we have one minute thirty seconds to change into the next costumes and there is a bar in my quick change that I just hold on to. They are ripping s*** off me and I'm like screaming and swearing getting my side caught in my zipper.'

If catching your dress in a zipper makes you a soldier, then joining the army sounds like a piece of cake to us...

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