I’m kind of a celebrity…

After just the first week of I’m a Celebrity the ratings have plummeted more dramatically than the bungee-jumping entrance of the celebrities themselves. Monday’s first show raked in a good 8.7 million viewers, yet by just the second show the ratings had dropped to 6.5 million. This is a bigger loss than last year with 1 million fewer tuning in between the first two episodes.

So why is it quickly losing popularity? Could it be the contestants? PR Guru and spiritualist Lynn Franks is clear favourite to win the crown for the most annoying celebrity (just because of her chanting, cosmic dancing and general pseudo-new-ageyness).

Closely following is the self-proclaimed World’s First Supermodel, Janice Dickinson. Perhaps viewers just can’t stand looking at her over-tight, over-botoxed, over-plumped face? To be fair to JD, though, she’s seen through Lynn Hotdog. If you haven’t already, tune in for some girl-on-girl super-bitchiness between the over-nip-tucked and Frankenstein. Quality.

(Image: from pottage’s flickr stream)

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