'I'm glad I didn't get USA gig'

When Welshman and T4 stalwart, Steve Jones was handed the USA X Factor presenting job, it must have been galling for Dermot O'Leary. After all, he'd made a huge success of the UK version, and had been tipped to head to the States. Perhaps it was Steve's blinding white pearlies that clinched the deal? Anyway, LA teeth aside, Dermot's apparently not fussed that he wasn't given the job...

He told The Sun, 'I wanted to do it, but the UK one comes round first and I wasn't going to turn down what I consider to be my job and the job I love. The minute I took the UK one I sort of knew I had counted myself out.'

So the line is that he 'counted himself out', not that he was pipped to the post. Do we believe him?

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