'I'm ashamed of you'

One thing you can never accuse Susan Boyle of is being a coward. Despite struggling for her mental health, the rags-to-riches archetype has managed to build something of a life for herself in the world of music, and has had to deal with curious crims rifling through her house.

Well now she has struck back at the sort of filthy young scrotes who terrorise us poor old fools on our daily commute, by telling off a group who were laughing at her. ‘I'm ashamed of you all,’ she said to them as she was travelling on the train from Edinburgh back to her home town of Blackburn, West Lothian. ‘Shut up. I don't normally get angry. It's not funny. If it was you, you wouldn't like it.’ We should probably point out that it was her telling someone to ‘f*** off’ while they were trying to take her picture that kicked it all off, mind you.

‘Something seemed to be upsetting her,’ said some onlooker to The Sun. ‘There were people laughing. It was not nice. Susan put them in her place, and good for her.’

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