I'm a pop star, get me out of here!

Yesterday we reported on George Michael’s horror at being banged up with paedophiles in Pentonville prison, and the difficulty he was having with his new surroundings; not least the lack of weed in his life. Well, unless he’s got himself some decent contacts among the Governors – you never know eh?

Anyway, George is not very in happy with his (Wham!) rap, and is looking to have his eight-week sentence – which he considers ‘excessive’ – reduced. According to The Sun he also spent two hours with his partner Kenny Goss, who he begged to get him out of the rough north London prison.

‘George greeted Kenny and they started crying,’ said a prison source. ‘The two spent the full two hours together and at the end a guard had to remind Kenny the time was up. Neither wanted the other to leave.’

‘George is desperate to get out of Pentonville and still can't quite believe he's there,’ said another source. ‘He's pinning all his hopes on a judge giving him bail.’

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