'I'm a Jewmaican'

Amy Winehouse is known for taking part in some of the wildest partying, drinking, drug taking and general debauchery that suburban north London has ever seen, so much so that some people have forgotten just how ace her music is. For shame.

Modern day Queen of Soul she might be, but hip-hopper she ain’t. Somehow a video of her drunkenly rapping with her mate Zalon during recording sessions has popped up on YouTube, and it’s a bit... well, rubbish really. Not only is she clearly not the next Erikah Badu, she’s been keeping her neighbours up with her clunky rhyming.

‘They've asked her to keep it down a few times,’ a source told The Sun. ‘She has been complying by turning off amps and stopping playing the guitar after midnight but she has still been singing until silly o'clock. No one wants to fall out with her as it's quite a close community, but if it carries on they'll be taking it further.’

In honour of annoying curtain-twitching NIMBYs, the video has been posted on YouTube for everyone to join in with. You’ve even got the lyrics (such as they are) below to rap along to. Altogether now...

‘Listen. I can write ten raps a night, it don't matter but you know that it's tight. I will never wear my hair out unless I am with the best. Oh snap I never knew that. Well I know that I'm a Jew. Well, a Jewmaican. Anyway if you can, uh, smoke bacon, then, uh, I reckon that ah ah. I never knew that Zalon was so good at drums, it makes me feel dumb. You understand what I'm saying, and my boys be playing.’

Word is bond, yo.

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