'I'm a housewife now'

If you were hoping that after Friday's Royal Wedding we'd be seeing Kate (sorry, Catherine) constantly hanging out outside Town Halls up and down the land, looking pretty and shaking hands, well, you're in for disappointment. Catherine has vowed to concentrate on being 'a housewife' for the next two years, and will only take part in public engagements with William by her side.

A source told The Daily Mail,‘The couple will do things as a pair after their marriage and for the foreseeable future. Catherine will not be conducting any solo engagements. The number of engagements she does with William will remain pretty level.'

The chatty but serious gossiper continued,'Prince William has a full-time job he has to work round and that is his priority. He is committed to it for at least another two years so nothing much will change in the immediate future, apart from the fact that he and Catherine will take part in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations next year. He is already committed to a number of charitable patronages and Catherine will, initially at least, support him in that as his wife. She will, in time, become associated with her own charities but this won’t happen immediately as she wants to explore the fields that interest her first.’

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