I’m A Celebutants revealed

Paul Gascoigne. Pamela Anderson, Jack Osbourne, Jordan, Peter Andre, Joe Bugner (he’s a famous boxer apparently), Mr Blobby, Ghandi (OK, maybe not the last two) have all reportedly turned down the chance to appear on the forthcoming series of ‘I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!’ - can’t think why, who doesn’t like getting humiliated on national telly for money?

But according to The Sun (large pinch of salt please), two of this year's contestants have been confirmed; they are former page 3 poser Samantha Fox, and Jimmy 'he’s only got one ball' White. The newspaper has also quoted an ever so ‘reliable’ source as saying; "Sam is a Page 3 icon and will be the show's glamour girl," (have they confused her with Samantha Janus?) The source added; 'She's no pushover and will speak her mind.' It’s been suggested that Fox will be paid £60,000.

The 9th series of the Oz based show starts on ITV1 on Nov 15th. Hey, that’s like less than 10 days away. Whoop!

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