I'm a Celebrity - you're dumped

What exactly did Katie Price expect when she decided to re-enter the most CCTV’d jungle on the planet? We’d fall back in love with her? Give her sympathy? Empathise with her? Nuh, nope and another nope. After months of daily PR leakage about the ‘unfortunate’ breakdown of her marriage to Peter Andre, the British public decided to give Ms Price a little taste of her own medicine: they voted for her to do every bushtucker trial possible, leading to her decision to prematurely leaveI’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

Talking about her walk-out, the divorcee of three revealed her reasoning for quitting and in a shocking and shameful move, dumped latest squeeze Alex Reid live on telly.

During her post jungle interview, host Ant or Dec (the one on the left) told Katie there was speculation that her boyfriend Alex Reid had flown out to Australian to propose to her. Jordan was quick to reply: 'What? I’ve done a lot of reflecting. I think it’s best that I’m on my own. I just don’t want to be in a relationship. I want to be on my own. I don’t want a relationship. I hope we can remain friends. I’m not with him.’ Nice.

She also explained that her main motivation for leaving wasn’t the public pressure and those horrid bushtucker trials: ‘my number one reason for leaving was that I missed the kids so much. I will never ever leave them again for this long’.

‘Also, the whole place reminded me of Pete from the moment I woke up, the afternoon to the moment I went to sleep, every second it was Pete, Pete, Pete.’

Um, Katie? Maybe keep a low profile for a couple years now? Please???

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