I'm a celebrity love triangle

With Bushtucker Trials less exciting than watching paint dry and the celebrities more Z-list than ever, this year’s I’m a Celebrity has been more entertaining than we expected. For a start, it’s produced a fair amount of tabloid fodder with talk of Marc Bannerman’s continent-crossing love triangle…or love square, perhaps?

Tabloids are reporting that not only did he cheat on his girlfriend, Sarah Matravers, with ex-Catatonia singer Cerys Matthews, but he cheated on her again with a barmaid before even getting on the plane back to England. ‘Oh, man!’ as Janice would say.

Poor Cerys seems to have been taken for a ride by Marc (no sniggering at the back), so we think someone else should be parachuted into the jungle to cheer her up. How about a nice Welsh lad to introduce to the parents when she gets back home? Rhys Ifans, perhaps? Then Sienna Miller would fly in to win back her man… now that’s a celebrity love triangle!

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