I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Lindsay Lohan yesterday spent just 84 minutes in jail. That’s just less than the running time of Herbie Rides Again (which to be fair felt like a lifetime.)

The film starlet and rehab-regular was charged on two accounts of driving under the influence and was found in possession of cocaine. The charges stemmed from a car chase that ended up with Lindsay crashing into the side of the road and fleeing the scene.

At least she does her own stunts.

Lohan is the latest celebrity to have somehow enjoyed a protracted stay in the slammer – Paris Hilton was released after completing just half of her sentence and Nicole Richie spent a mere 82 minutes in the slammer.

If LiLo’s sentence is anything to go by, Tony Montana could have handed himself in and been out in a week. Here's the rehab glamourpuss in action...

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