I'm a Celebrity 2013: First Episode Kick-Starts with Celeb Sky-Dive

  • Contestans on Episode 1

The ITV jungle series is set to be as shudder-inducing as last year, with celebrity contestants getting the gist of it all right from the start. We just loved the beginning of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! 2013.

The first episode starts off with a very relaxed intro, but don't let yourselves be fooled:Lucy Pargeter, Alfonso Ribeiro, Steve Davis and Joey Essex are made to meet on a yatch in the gorgeous Australian sun. They are expecting everyone else to arrive but the boat sets off with just the four of them....let the adventure begin!

While the four strong team start wandering what's going to happen to them, they see a speed boat approaching: Ant and Dec are on it looking rather “cool”, according to fresh faced Joey.

A quick meeting with the presenters reveal what's awaiting them: Steve, Alfonso, Joey and Lucy will have to rescue the rest of the crew stranded on an island, Ant and Dec explain. How will they get there? Simple: sky-diving off two helicopters.

Ladies first: it's Lucy the first to jump off, and we can hear her screaming her way down. Fear at first, but delight quickly takes over, and she is well buzzy while waiting on the gorgeous beach for the rest of the team.

Preparing to sky-dive isn't easy for anyone: Alfonso Ribeiro is so nervous he has to state it like this: ‘I’m really, really, really, really, really nervous’. He then leaps off and lands safely. Joey Essex isn't very happy about the jump just moments before it, but we hear him exclaim “That was sick!” once his feet are happily bolted to the ground again.

Once on the island, the fab four get split into two teams: TOWIE star Joey Essex and snooker legend Steve Davis are joined in the Red Team, while Emmerdale's actress Lucy Pargeter and America Sitcom star Alfonso Ribeiro are the Yellow Team. From now on, their task is to find the other contestants and choose the other members of their teams.

It's great to see how priorities divides here, with cheeky Joey mostly focussed on “getting there first, so he can choose all the very fit birds”, and Alfonso rather concerned with winning just to get a decent place to sleep.

Unfortunately for him, it will be the Yellow Team, composed by Steve and Joey plus Rebecca Adlington, Laila Morse and Amy Willerton to win and sail off for their final night of comfort and food, while the rest of the contestants are left stranded in heavy rains and at the mercy of insects.

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