I'm a Celeb line up

Yes folks, it's that time of year again - the nights are drawing in, the weather is well and truly awful, and 'I'm a Celebrity' is back on the telly. Grim times indeed. So which bunch of misfits and hasbeens have offered themselves up as celebrity sacrificial victimes? It's an eclectic group this year, the most noteworthy being; Olympic medallist Linford Christie, ex-MP Lembit Opik, actor Nigel Havers, U.S. model Kayla Collins, Sheryl Gascoigne, actress Britt Ekland, Former Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder.

Shaum Ryder told The Daily Mail, It's thanks to my missus and the kids that I am doing this. Me, my kids and the missus all watch the show. We really love it. I swore I would not do the programme and I have to admit that when they first approached me about doing it, I blanked the idea for a month. But I have got six kids who want me to do the show, the wife wants me to do the show - and that's why I am doing it. I do want to make them proud.'

While former MP Lembit Opik ditched his mum for the chance to humiliate himself on telly, 'I was going to take Mum on a Cunard voyage for her 70th birthday, and I have had to postpone it. Hopefully she will forgive me. What I am doing instead couldn't be more different though.'

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