I'm a big Bieber now

Ah, the fraught teenage years. Where 'testing the boundaries' was synonymous with trying mum's patience - to the point of her having a large glass of wine at 3 in the afternoon. So it's nice to hear that even celebrity tweensters like Justin Bieber are required to fall in to line when it comes to mum's rules.

According to reports, the pint-sized King of Twitter had his mobile phone cancelled by his mum because of a 'blazing row' while on the road. We can only imagine what they were arguuing about - him not being in bed by 10.30? Dodging his brussell sprouts?

He said: 'Mum travels with me. We argue, yes. I think every parent and son argue, but I love my mum. I think it's good she travels with me, but sometimes I need a break because I'm with her 24/7 but I love her, I like being with her. The other day she cancelled my phone plan. We got into an argument about something stupid, and she was like, 'Give me the phone,' and I was like, 'No,' so she just went and cancelled it.'

Ouch. Justin, does she stitch your name into your underpants too?

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