'I'll still watch X Factor'

Despite being ruthlessly kicked off the UK version of X Factor this week, Dannii Minogue is still being upbeat and positive about the reality show, telling journos that she'd happily watch it in the future. Hmm, and probably sticking pins into a Cowell shaped vodoo doll too, no doubt...

Dannii told The Sun, 'The X Factor is brilliant and I've been the biggest fan since the first series. This year I will be watching the show from wherever I am. Can I still dress up at home?'

Dannii also thanked loyal fans for their kind words, saying 'I have been moved by the messages I have received from fans. I'm disappointed that Team Minogue can't be a part of the show again this year. We simply couldn't make the dates work. I will be getting on the plane this weekend with the biggest smile on my face. Your kind messages of love and support this past week have filled me with so much joy.'

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