'I'll sort you out'

Alex Reid and Peter Andre could be set for the bout of the century after having a row down the blower about the pop star not being able to arrange a date to see his children. This is all according to The Sun however, so it can be taken with a pinch of salt.

Andre rang Jordan because he couldn’t get in touch with their kids’ nanny, but when he rang her she handed the phone to Reid, who went mental and accused him of lacking respect. ‘I’m the man of the house now’, he said, in a rather pompous fashion.

‘Look mate,’ Andre is said to have replied, ‘there are a lot of people who want to break your legs.’ The thinly veiled threat sent Reid mad and he told Andre that he was going to come round and 'sort him out.’ Probably not a very good idea to threaten a professional cage fighter in that way, really. They don’t tend to back down much.

‘Peter was a bit worried about how the call ended,’ said a source to the paper. ‘No one wants a cage fighter issuing threats like that.’ He did kind of bring it on himself, though. If a book is running, can someone put £200 down on Reid in round one, please?

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