I'll see you in court, mum

Mediocre talent show pop star Alexandra Burke has apparently threatened to sue her mother after she discovered that she was going to write a book about her childhood. Mum Melissa, who herself was a part of legendary British soul act Soul II Soul and is suffering from kidney failure, is planning on publishing the book, despite the threat of legal action from her own offspring. Classy.

‘She has a very dramatic past and doesn't want it all being dragged up again,’ said some source to The News of the World. ‘So she begged her mum not to go ahead but Melissa needs the money. Everybody thinks she's rich because she has this popstar daughter but the truth is she's an ill woman struggling to get by.

‘Alex does her best to support her mum and would have kept doing that, but she said she'd have to get lawyers involved and sue if Melissa went ahead with her publishing deal.

Alex wants to write her own book in the future, telling her story in her own words. This could destroy that. She has a very volatile relationship with her mum. All she wants is Melissa to support her, not always try and be in the spotlight.’

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