If anyone can, Jordan K-han

We have to sympathise with Katie Price. She hops from one innocent photo op to the next and every time she does she gets accused of something she isn't doing. Listen people, she's just doing her job!

This time she's been collared 'cosying up' to Amir Khan. The boxer and the glamour model turned up to the premiere of The Expendables, (they both starred in the unfortunately named film) and much canned 'flirting' took place. No, we won't be the first in the cinema...

In these revealing photos, Jordan can be seen sitting next to Amir. Now, our definition of 'cosying up' involves a lot more than sitting. It involves copious furtive looks, fuelled by hilarious cocktails! It also involves at least one failed attempt at a snog. At no point in this photo-op is Jordan doing anything of the sort. Are the tabloids spinning gold out of cow hair?

Answer: who cares. There'll be a great magazine column out of it. Peter, Alex, Jordan...er, Amir? (Someone get him a column in Closer.)

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