I wuv u, Jordan

When you think cage fighter, you might think big brutish thug, with nothing on his mind but smashing, bashing, eating and shagging. But it turns out Alex Reid doesn’t fit that completely unjustified stereotype at all, and in fact is a soppy wet lettuce who feels all lovey dovey and isn’t anywhere near where this is being written.

Reid has told the world that he loves basket case glamour girl Jordan, and has done since he first met her. The big pansy.

‘I have told her I love her pretty much every day since we met, 50 million times a day,’ admitted Reid, while all his mates sniggered in the background.

‘I've never felt like this. Ever. And I've never felt more comfortable and ready for this relationship.’ Expect to see ‘My heart broken by Jordan’ stories is gossip rags up and down the country quite soon.

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