I won't be steamrolled

X Factor champ Matt Cardle has insisted that despite taking part in a TV talent show in which the winner gets to have his career managed by industry experts, he won’t be ‘steamrolled’ into releasing music he isn’t comfortable with.

It’ll interesting to see the first time he stands up to his team of PRs, songwriters and record company bosses, and the subsequent slapping down he gets when he doesn’t toe the line, just like the others. This is the pop game, Cardle, you don’t have any control until you’ve made your bosses a sack load of cash over and over again.

‘I'm absolutely not going to be steamrolled,’ he said. ‘I won't sing or record anything I don't have faith in. I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to certain things. It's an awkward situation to be in really.

‘I've written all my music up to this point and to suddenly have that control taken away. I have so many ideas and I'm focused on what I want a song to sound like.’

‘It's a team effort, everything has to work well together to move forward in the right direction. It all starts with the song. I keep saying it but you have to have a great song.’

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