'I wish my name was protected'

Speculation about the identity of the 'family man footballer' who has been enjoying a six-month affair with Imogen Thomas has been rumbling on for the past few weeks - surely despite the super-injunction that the star obtained, his name will eventually leak out? *hopeful face*. Anway, Imogen appeared yesterday on This Morning to discuss her side of the story.

Imogen told Pip and Ruth on This Morning, 'I had a phone call from the other party's lawyers and I was totally baffled because there was no way on earth I wanted this to come out ever. I honestly didn't understand anything about it. I got sent an email and I had to read it through, I burst into tears and I was so shocked about what was happening. One thing it said was if I ever, ever spoke I would be sent to jail. I thought, 'It's not my fault'.

She continued, 'I didn't want my name to be out there in the public name lie this. I've been exploited. I feel really angry. I'm taking responsibility for my actions. I've suffered a lot and it's been a really difficult time for me. As foolish as this sounds, I didn't think this would get out into the public domain and I always said I had no intention of selling my story. I totally agree in privacy for celebrities and I had no intention of ever selling my story. I don't want his name or his family's names to be splashed over the newspapers.'

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