I will be your father figure

We reported a couple of weeks back that George Michael was having a somewhat shaky time in London’s notorious Pentonville prison, begging his partner Kenny Goss to get him out of there. Now that he’s been moved to a Category C clink he seems to be having a much better time of it, although that might have something to do with the 20st violent armed robber who’s become his minder.

Hard case Robert Bleach, who is currently serving two-and-a-half years at the nick, took Michael under his wing after the pop star got abused by the other inmates on his arrival. Bleach is said to ‘pathologically hate’ bullies, and has warned other inmates that if they attack or threaten Michael they will have to deal with his hulking frame. Apparently Michael is so appreciative that he is thinking of employing him as a minder when he is released.

‘When Michael landed here from Pentonville he was terrified,’ said a source to The Mirror. ‘He was shuffling around, scared to look anyone in the eye. All the other ¬inmates knew who he was and a few of them started to give him stick. They saw him as a soft touch who they could rough up and intimidate. But luckily for him he was put on Bleach’s wing.

‘Robbie’s obviously got a past and he’s one of the hardest men you’re going to meet but he’s got a real sense of honour and pathologically hates bullies.

‘He took a liking to Michael instantly and told him that if anyone messed with him then he could use his name to get them to back off.

‘Word soon got round that they had an understanding and now no one would dare mess with Michael. He walks round with his head held high and isn’t scared of anyone. They’ve hit it off so well that George has talked to him about coming to work for him on the outside.’

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