I wasn't good enough

Mediocre comedic talent James Corden has admitted that he is in fact, a mediocre comedic talent who overreached when producing his sketch show, Horne & Corden. The ill-fated programme, which went down like a pork pie at a bah mitzvah, essentially crippled the pair’s double-act, and now Corden is filled with regret at what was a shocking career mistake.

‘It's like that song, ‘I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger’. The only way to find out about these things is by trying them,’ he told ShortList. ‘Regarding the sketch show, I didn't go to Edinburgh for five years in a row learning my trade as I should have done. I was an actor on the back of a hit show.

‘The truth is, honestly, I'm not good enough at writing sketches to write a sketch show. It was a mistake. There's no point in doing something unless it's going to be as good as Big Train or The Fast Show. Why bother? And the absolute truth is I wasn't good enough.’

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