'I want to give her a cuddle'

There has been lots said about Amy Winehouse since her untimely death, most of it good - as it should be, some of it not so. Well Mitch Winehouse is setting the record straight about his daughter in two highly publicized interviews over the pond. In the first, an interview with Piers Morgan, Mitch tells the King of American Chatmandu the truth about Amy's personality, addiction aside.

'All of the nonsense that was written about her in the papers over the last five or six years, it’s all gone now. Everybody is full of love and admiration for her, as she was — she was full of love, even for people that didn’t deserve it. I just wish she was here so we could give her a cuddle.'

And if there were no dry eyes in the house after that, a rival chat king - Anderson Cooper, has been gleaning some emotive nuggets for his imaginatively titled show, 'Anderson'. Not only that, he's filmed interviews with Mitch, Amy's mum Janis and step mom Jane, which roundly trumps Piers' effort.

The cast of characters is big and it's a shame that the interviews have morphed into a ratings war between Piers and Cooper, but then Amy's life was hardly ordinary; it would be odd if her death was. Anderson's interview airs in America next Monday, swiftly followed by Piers Morgan's CNN chat on Tuesday. Will you be tuning in?

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