I want to get hiiigh: artist to skin up Kurt Cobain's ashes and smoke them

Had to happen at some point. An Australian artist has mysteriously come by the ashes of Kurt Cobain, and now, as a fitting tribute to the late Nirvana frontman is planning to skin them up into a big fat spliff and smoke them.

Natascha Stellmach says she'll perform the bizarre ritual in an attempt to finally set the spirit of Cobain “free into the ether from the media circus.” The deathly toke will take place at Berlin's Wagner & Partner gallery as the finale to Stellmach's Set Me Free exhibition on October 11 - a five part 'installation' based on the cheery themes of suicide and the power of desecration.

Courtney Love recently claimed Kurt's ashes had been stolen in a burglary and haven't been seen since, but, commenting to Artworld as to how she came by Cobain's ashes, Stellmach responded vaguely: “That’s confidential and kind of magic. They came to me.” Which in all liklihood means she'll be using a pile of last year's left over bonfire night ashes and passing them off as Kurt's. Something the late rockstar would no doubt prefer.

It's one thing being passed around in spliff form by a group of close mates looking to get high off your spirit, another to be stubbed into the ashtray of oblivion by an unknown artist on the prowl for publicity.

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