'I thought it was all over'

Now that Gary Barlow is tremendously successful and regarded as an all-round pop good egg, he has allowed himself to travel back to a time when all wasn't so rosy in the Barlow garden. Speaking to his young X Factor ingénues at boot camp, Gary admitted that he thought he had lost 'everything' after Take That imploded at the tail end of the 90s. This lead to Barlow's famous 'banoffee pie years', where the singer embarked on an Elvis-style quest for oblivion and obesity.

Gary told The Sun, 'This is a very special place for me as in 1999 when I lost my record deal I didn't know what to do. So I came to LA to start again and to think about everything. Being here took me back to the music, which is what it has always been about. This town is full of music, and I hope you find yourselves in the same way that I did. I really did think it was all over as a musician.'

In other Gary-related news, the 'sensible one' from X Factor has apparently become heartily sick of pop wannabes burbling Adele songs in a bid to become, er the next Adele. Gary moaned, 'This year has been all Adele, we're sick of Adele. She came to one of our Wembley Shows and I said to her, 'I've got to be honest, I'm really sick of your album, because it's all that's been played at X Factor'. But she understood. And Lady Gaga, we've really had enough of them two.' That's the spirit Gary. More Jedward please...

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