'I thought I'd never sing again'

Shania Twain has given her first interviews since splitting with her husband and writing partner, the stupidly named Mutt Lange. Mutt had the temerity to run off with her best pal, leaving poor Shania devastated, and without anyone to write her songs.

According to The Mirror, Shania was rendered almost mute by despair (there has to be a film in this). She said, 'I figured I would never sing again. I hadn’t written a song without this man in 14 years. How do I even get started...My fears have been slowly squeezing my voice.'

But before you start weeping over your keyboard - stop! Shania learnt to love again, just like in the songs, and married the ex-husband of the friend who ran off with her own hubby. Neat, eh?

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