'I thought he would kill me'

The break-up between Mel Gibson and his ex Okasana Grigorieva plummeted to the depths of grimness a while back, with allegations of domestic violence and racist rants. Now Oksana has attempted to plumb those depths right to the bottom of the barrel - yes, we love out mixed metaphors round these parts - by giving an intervew to an American magazine where she spells out just how aggressively Gibson acted towards her.

According to The Sun, Oksana told reporters, 'I thought he would kill me. I was scared for my life and my daughter's. He just hit me twice with the fist. Boom, boom, to my head and mouth.I fell on top of the bed. I'm just covering the baby. He proceeds to choke me with both his hands. He was screaming in my face.'

Meanwhile, Gibson denies all claims of violence, and accuses her of blackmail.

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