'I still love Ashley'

Chanteuse Cheryl Cole may have sharply criticised ex-husband Ashley Cole in her new album - one song evocatively explains,'I cried when I said I was leavin' I cut off my hair and painted my toes I sold all the diamonds and burnt all your clothes'. However, Cheryl apparently still feels affection towards the philandering footballer, telling Piers Morgan, in a forthcoming ITV interview, that she still loves him.

According to The Daily Mail, Cheryl told Piers,'Once we get over this obstacle, I hope we can be friends again. A part of me will always love Ashley. Looking back on it, I feel numb. We had a great marriage and a fantastic wedding day but I don't know where it went wrong. To this day I still question that.'

Cole also lamented her gilded, yet confined popstar existence, saying, ‘Sometimes I feel completely trapped, I just can’t go back to Newcastle and put on tracksuit bottoms and Ugg boots.’ Poor love...

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