I snapped

The men of Take That have been very naughty boys recently. First Mark Owen revealed himself to be an alcoholic and serial philanderer, then a super injunction protecting news of Howard Donald’s ten-year affair from coming out was lifted.

Now Adakini Ntuli has spoken out about the romance for the first time in an interview with the Mail on Sunday, talking about her anger at finding out that Donald had been cheating on her with another mistress, married mother Merith Van Onselen. She says that the affair and the gagging order put her in hospital with depression, and now simply must tell all. Someone with self-awareness might think about the wife he was cheating on, but not this mistress. Oh no.

‘I snapped, she said. ‘I was so angry. I thought I was the only one he was having an affair with. It felt I had been led on and manipulated. I was devastated. I couldn't tell a soul what was happening, not even my mum. It made me ill and I was admitted to hospital with depression, anxiety and neuralgia.

‘I now want to tell the whole story. I think it is wrong that celebrities are able to use the law to cover up their actions. I loved Howard once but he let me down so badly.’

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