"I say Talent, you say?" See you in court

It never rains but it pours for DJ Talent. First the self professed international rap star was worried about leaving the confines of Beckenham because his fame had caused him to become concerned for his safety, and now he's being accused of nicking lyrics.

A former flatmate of Talent's, Richard John-Jules, has told how the gold toothed bling king pinched his rap and passsed it off as his own on an episode of the Friday Night Project 2 years ago during which Kanye West was also a guest. Although presenters Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr eventually told Talent to 'shut the f*ck up' and Kanye looked on laughing, Jules, also known as DJ Wicked is sickened by Talent's daylight robbery.

“He stole my signature lyrics that people know me by without asking. It’s not the done thing. He doesn’t seem to care. It’s shameless and I’m furious" said Wicked. He continued: “I’m talking to lawyers and if he tries to use my lyrics on Britain’s Get Talent I will see him in court.”

Talent, who shot to fame with the cutting edge rap, "I say Britain, you say Talent' isn't worried about the prospect of relying on his own creative juices to get him through the next round of BGT tomorrow night: “I deny all these allegations. They are my lyrics. I’m an international superstar celebrity why would I need to steal lyrics? I’m original” he said. Could this latest slur campaign ruin his chances, or will Talent still skate through on the comedy vote?

Watch the clip here

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