'I read it in the papers'

In an interview with Graham Norton, to be aired on Friday, Nicole Scherzinger revealed that she only found out about her promotion to X Factor judge by reading it in the papers. Apparently, producers remained tight-lipped on the subject of hirings and firings. Hmmm, we wonder why?

According to The Daily Mail, Scherzinger told Graham, 'I haven’t said this yet, but I think it’s official that I have been made a judge. It's an amazing opportunity. I’m kind of finding out (what’s happening) along with everyone else. It’s kind of crazy to read about it in the newspaper first.' Nicole then proceeded to gush about Cowell, 'He is someone you can learn a lot from. But when we are in that room it’s all about the music and the talent and I focus on the contestants, its what I am really passionate about.'

Fox officially announced the news yesterday, releasing a statement saying, 'Nicole Scherzinger will be replacing Cheryl Cole on the judging panel of The X Factor. Nicole will join Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Paula Abdul on their search across America to find the next global superstar or group to win the life-changing $5million dollar recording deal. Nicole has previously joined Simon Cowell as a guest judge on The X Factor for the UK version of the show in 2010. Steve Jones will act as sole host of The X Factor.'

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