I predict...it's a rollover

Beardy mind bender Derren Brown has said that he will predict the National Lottery's numbers before they come out. The magic man will predict Wednesday night's draw on BBC One in a separate show, which will be filmed in a secret location and broadcast across all Channel 4 channels. Not only will Brown attempt to predict one of the most random processes in the world, he also plans on telling people how it's done in a follow up show on Friday. (Which would kind of ruin future roll overs, but that's magic kids.)

In keeping with his mystery persona, Brown hasn't given any clue as to how he'll predict the numbers, although it seems to us it will have something to do with the person announcing the balls, and not, the fact that Brown can see into the future. Either that or the stunt will be some kind of TV trickery, a technique Brown has used in the past (remember the 'Seance'?)

Last week Brown promised to have people literally 'glued to their seats' during another 'Event' - How to Control the Nation. We'll be glued to ours this Wednesday. Lottery tickets at the ready folks.....

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