'I must not write all over the walls'

The Simpsons is the greatest TV show of all time - Fact! And over its illustrious 20-year lifespan it's proved that with its constant high calibre japes. The dysfunctional family have also invited a whole gaggle of celeb cameos down the years from the likes of Paul McCartney to Ricky Gervais to The Rolling Stones, and last night (10 Oct) they showcased another one.

Anonymous street graffiti artist Banksy put his mark on the opening of famous Simpsons’ opening title sequence, ‘tagging’ various buildings in Springfield. Fox the creators of the Simpsons are said to have given Banksy free-reign to storyboard the opening and he did so the characteristic aplomb. As well as cheeky behind the scenes look at a sweatshop, where kids are manufacturing Simpsons merchandise, Bart can be seen scribbling on the blackboard ‘I must not write all over the walls' - across the walls of his schoolroom’.

The ep will air in the UK in two weeks time but you can watch the sequence below...

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