I love what I do

The world of reality TV was rocked to it’s very core recently by the news that Katie Waissel’s 81-year-old Nan was working as a prostitute. It’s hardly the sort of thing that you want to hear about at the best of times, so you can imagine the poor girl’s distress as she’s competing to win X Factor (expect a piano drenched montage about it on the show soon, by the way).

The family released a statement disowning their wayward Granny’s behaviour, saying that: ‘We were completely shocked and devastated to hear the news that my grandmother has been conducting immoral activities, including prostitution and pornography. We, as a family, disassociate ourselves wholly from these activities and from any future stories that arise from them.’ As if they didn’t already know.

Anyway, Sheila Vogel-Coupe, who works for the escort agency Mature Courtesans under the name Grand Dame Cecilia Bird (should you ever wish to look her up), has given an interview with The Sun refusing to apologise for her life of vice, even claiming that she enjoys it.

‘I love what I do,' she said. 'I love sex. I work as a prostitute because I love it. It gives me great satisfaction and keeps me young. I could go on for years yet. Why should I stop? I think of myself as a refined lady giving a very special service men are not going to get anywhere else.

‘I've had a few celebrity clients but I would never say who they were. They worked in the music industry and TV and things. I like to make men happy and content. I have no inhibitions. I love people. I'm an outgoing personality who lives in the 21st century.’

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