'I have lost my darling'

Amy Winehouse's boyfriend Reg Traviss has made a public statement to the press after the tragic death of the singer on Saturday. Reg, a film director, told the press of his devastation after Winehouse's accidental overdose at the weekend.

Reg told The Daily Mail, 'The last three days have been hell. We have suffered a terrible untimely loss and want peace now. I can't describe what I am going through and I want to thank so much all of the people who have paid their respects and who are mourning the loss of Amy, such a beautiful, brilliant person and my dear love. I have lost my darling who I loved very much.'

A friend of the singer told the paper that Amy's ex Blake Fielder-Civil would not profit from her death, despite stories to the contrary, ‘Around the time of the divorce, all of Amy’s finances were sorted out – and Blake can’t get his hands on any of it. I am pretty sure that Amy does have a will. As a matter of course with record contracts, financial advisers will make sure that is done.’

Amy Winehouse's funeral will take place in Golders Green, north London at 3pm today.

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