'I found him'

The man who discovered Stephen Gately’s dead body has spoken out about his horror of a night out gone badly wrong. Twenty five-year-old Georgi Dochev had gone back with Gately and his partner Andy Cowles’ to their flat after a boozy night out in Palma on Majorca, only to surface from the bedroom hours later to find the former Boyzone star dead on a couch.

Police believe that Gately died after choking on his own vomit after an eight-hour drinking session with Cowley in the clubs and bars of Palma.

‘I am devastated,' he said to The Sun. 'I came out of the bedroom and found Stephen dead. I woke the husband. It is awful - I am in shock and I'm ill with it. I haven't slept a wink.

‘I was with the husband all yesterday. He was too upset to call the ambulance. He was holding Stephen, so I called them. We have talked to the police but I cannot talk about other things.’

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