'I feel guilty'

Natasha Giggs may not be famed for her levels of self-awareness; after all, you've got to be pretty impulsive to begin an affair with your brother-in-law, but it looks like the WAGish wife of Rhodri has discovered the new emotions of 'guilt' and 'regret'. Natasha has given an interview to the Daily Mail where she discusses her affair with Ryan.

Natasha told The Daily Mail, 'I haven’t been able to sleep since I got back from holiday knowing how my family have been hounded – even the cars in my parents’ street have been smashed up and I’m panicking that something else might happen. My marriage is over and my children no longer have their dad around all the time, which is devastating for both of them. I’ve been gutless and I feel guilty that my actions have blown my family apart. There’s no excuses – what I did was wrong, I don’t see myself as a victim.'

She continued, 'The affair kept going because I was bored and it was so exciting. I’d have my mundane life at home – the cooking, washing and ironing – but know that I had my own special relationship with this celebrity footballer adored by millions. A lot of people wanted to be with him and having him to myself was a thrill. I’d drop everything for him in a flash because I was emotionally attached to him. For him, it was just sex.' Yep, that Ryan Giggs isn't coming out of the furore too well, is he?

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