'I feel guilty'

Simon Cowell has said that he feels guilty about binning off Cheryl Cole from the American version of X Factor, and is apparently ‘gutted’ that it didn’t work out for her on the other side of the pond.

Cowell, who was more or less talking through a friend to The Sun, says that his ‘hands were tied’ by the network execs running the show, who were less than impressed with the Geordie songbird. She has however hit back at Cowell, saying she wants double her money to go back to the British X Factor, or she’ll quit. It seems as though she is less than happy at her treatment.

‘He loves Cheryl and did everything in his power to get her on US TV. But channel chiefs just weren't happy,’ said the source. ‘It was a necessary evil and he feels terribly guilty about it.

‘He knew he'd get a slap in the face from her for all of this - and he certainly got one. But he doesn't want any bad blood.’

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