I did not have sexual relations with that woman

Big news in the world of celebrity tittle-tattle: Amir Khan has denied having sexual relations with Katie Price, and refuted any rumours that they might be going out with the former glamour model.

The Sun reported today that the pair had been getting up close and personal at a pre-Oscars party, running quotes from a source who said that ‘there was no doubt to anyone in the room that something was going on between Katie and Amir’, and that ‘a waiter brought them ice cream canapes and they turned it into something sexual’, but Khan isn’t having it.

‘If anything comes out about me and Katie Price being in an Oscars party and spending a night together, it's not true,’ he wrote on Twitter. ‘I was in bed alone at my own place for 11pm and was up @ 8am to train. Just to make it clear. I didn't no she was gona be there.’

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