I could win The X Factor

Carlos Tevez is a man of many talents: he’s good on the ball, has vision and awareness of the space around him, and he’s a tireless worker for his teammates. What you might call a ‘model pro’, if you were a cliché factory. It turns out that he’s also a bit of a dab hand when it comes to the old music, and fancies his chances of winning The X-Factor, his favourite telly programme.

The Argentine is an avid watcher of the talent show, and has form in the pop department too; he fronts a band with his brother Diego called Piola Vago, and they had a hit in their home country with a tune called Lose Your Control.

‘I think we would stand a very good chance of winning The X Factor,’ he said. ‘It might take the British public a while to get used to our sound but it would make a change and mix the show up. So many bands sound the same these days, a Latin American influence would be nice.

‘We can't go on the show while I'm playing football but if it is still running when I retire then we will audition.

‘If we got through, I would like to be in Simon Cowell's section. He has the attributes of a top Premier League manager.’ Very odd, and to make things odder, why not watch a video of Tevez dancing? Indeed.

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